Sex Tips – Making The Bedroom More Intimate


Even the most confident Casanova occasionally likes a few sex tips to help keep him at the top of his game in the bedroom. So often such sex tips revolve around areas of skill or of penis health, but there are other areas that can impact sexual satisfaction as well. Not surprisingly, one of these is the physical area where so much erotic activity is played out: the bedroom.


As real estate agents know, location is everything – and it certainly can be a factor in how well an erotic encounter plays out, whether an initial seduction or a liaison with a familiar partner. While there is a great deal to be said for sex in new and varied places, for most people the bedroom is going to be the primary location for sensual consummation. So it pays to keep these sex tips in mind:

Clutter is a turn-off.

Some men can pull off a slightly rumpled look. For these men, a bed that is not expertly made or a lampshade that is askew can be a bit charming. But even these men can’t get away with a bedroom that is a mess. A partner doesn’t want to trip over pizza boxes getting into bed or stub a toe on a boot left in the middle of the floor. And a bedroom in which underwear, socks and t-shirts are strewn carelessly about gives off negative vibes. Not only does it indicate a lack of respect for the person that has been brought to bed, it indicates this man isn’t mature. Always keep the bedroom at an acceptable level of tidiness – and go above and beyond that level to impress a partner.

A picture is worth a thousand words.

The pictures a guy has in the bedroom can send many messages. Don’t keep photos of ex-girlfriends in view unless one wishes to have a lot of explaining to do. Pictures of the family may be nice, but they shouldn’t be obtrusive; no girl wants to glance over at the bedside table while in the throes of ecstasy to see a picture of her lover’s mother staring at her.

Erotic art can be tricky. What may be a sexy picture to one person may be pornographic to another. But the erotic photo that truly arouses can make a big difference in the bedroom.

Display sex toys sparingly.

When first introducing a partner to one’s bedroom, it’s usually best to limit the sex toys on display – unless this is something a man is upfront and open about from the beginning. However, one or two “safe” toys, such as a penis ring, is usually fine and may open up the way for discussion of other sexual playthings.

Bedding is crucial.

Comfort is key, so an appropriately soft mattress with several restful pillows is a must. Sheets should also be soft and (it goes without saying) clean. They also should be the sheets of a man, not a boy: manly prints or masculine solids are far preferable to SpongeBob.

Remember the lights.

Harsh lighting is out. Soft, sensual lighting is in like escort girls in Haifa are doing. Ditch the overhead fluorescents and go for table lamps – or, even better, scented candles.

Keep a discreet mirror nearby.

A mirror on the ceiling may be too bold, but a large wall mirror or standing mirror located unobtrusively in the room can allow for some sexy self-watching by a couple – when they are in the mood for such a viewing.

When a man catches sight of his manhood in that mirror, he may get a shock if his member is not in its best condition – and remember, it may shock his partner, too. Using a first-rate penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) can be an aid in maintaining health. Choose one with Shea butter to help alleviate unwanted dry skin and with a potent antioxidant like alpha lipoic acid to help with “wrinkled” penis skin. As a bonus, the crème that comes with acetyl L-carnitine helps deal with diminished sensitivity that can come from overuse of the organ – a good problem to have, and one that’s more likely when one follows these sex tips for the bedroom.

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