Penis Odor = Date Disaster – Bringing It Under Control


Every guy has experienced a date disaster at some time or another, but for a man with out-of-control penis odor, this can be a regular (and frustrating) occurrence. One of the advantages of practicing proper penis care is that it can help bring rank penis odor under control; however, in order to bring about this desired result, a man needs to know what steps to take.

Why is one’s penis so aromatic?

It’s not really a surprise that a man’s organ should possess a certain aroma; indeed, it’s desirable for there to be a bit of a scent, as a woman’s olfactory responses help to enhance her sensual stimulation. However, that whiff needs to promote the idea of the man as a sexually robust being; when the scent is overpowering or unpleasant, it has the opposite effect which is not important while men are with escort girls in Haifa but important while they are with girlfriends.

Generally, the penis gathers odor for a few basic reasons:

– It’s blanketed in hair. A thick pubic bush and a pair of hairy testicles make the area naturally warm. In addition, sweat glands are neighbors of hair follicles, so they use the hair as a pathway for the release of sweat into the crotch.

– Blood flow adds to it. When the penis becomes engorged, blood flows into the organ and becomes trapped there to create the erection. The member becomes noticeably warmer in this state, adding to the amount of heat in the genital area.

– Clothing traps heat and sweat. Men wear at least one, and typically two, layers of clothing over the penile area. This not only adds to the “warm oven” aspect of the crotch but also effectively traps heat and sweat in the area. If men walked around naked all day, their packages would “air out” and not maintain as much heat and sweat.

All the sweat from this heat results in bacteria, which creates the pungent aroma that too many men carry around with them.

What can a man do to battle penis odor?

There are several things that a man can do to help bring rampant penis odor under control. These include:

– Wearing lightweight clothing. Natural fabrics, such as cotton, that allow the skin to “breathe” help to cut down on the amount of heat that is generated and trapped around the penis. It also helps to wear underwear that is loose rather than tight, such as cotton boxers instead of briefs.

– Airing things out. If one’s living situation allows it, being naked can help to air out the area. Those who practice a nudist lifestyle have an advantage, but even for those who cannot participate so fully, spending time naked in one’s room is advised. Some men may also opt to “go commando” (i.e., not wear underwear underneath one’s trousers) when possible to help decrease the heat and sweat factor.

– Watching one’s diet. Foods with a very strong odor are more likely to create sweat that is smellier. A blander diet may have some impact on the penis odor generated by sweat and bacteria.

– Washing regularly. Proper hygiene is essential to solve this problem. A man needs to wash thoroughly and regularly, using a gentle cleanser. While it may be tempting to use a scented soap, it’s best to remember that penis skin is very sensitive and may react negatively to fragrances.

– Using an appropriate crème. Use of a top-drawer penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) is a big factor in avoiding penis odor and the resulting date disaster. This is important for two reasons: (1) A crème that is rich in vitamin A actively works against unwanted organ aromas. Vitamin A is loaded with anti-bacterial properties which fight the cause of rank odor. And (2) frequent washing may dry out the sensitive penis skin, and a crème with natural moisturizers like Shea butter and vitamin E helps to re-hydrate the skin and bring it back to its proper handsome appearance. Including a crème in one’s daily routine, and following these other steps, can make a huge difference in a man’s penis odor.

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