Penis Bumps – When Not To Be Concerned


One or more bumps on the penis are bound to cause a man concern, whether they’ve always been there or appeared suddenly after using services of escort girls in Ramat Gan. Generally, if penis bumps appear all of a sudden, it’s a good idea to get checked out; they could indicate a sexually transmitted infection or some other cause of poor penis health. However, not all bumps pose a health risk or are contagious. Below, men can learn about three types of penis bumps that are harmless.

Pearly Penile Papules

It is estimated that approximately a quarter of men have what are called pearly penile papules; the majority of men with this type of bump are uncircumcised. The bumps are small and white or flesh-colored. They are distinct in that they form in one or more rows around the ridge of the penis’s head, almost like a pearl necklace. The bumps range from 1 to 3 millimeters.

Pearly penile papules are a completely normal anatomical variation; they pose no risks and are not the sign of a problem. Still, some men are extremely self-conscious about the bumps and want to have them removed. The only way to do so is to have them cut or frozen off. This is an absolute last resort, since the papules are harmless.

Fordyce Spots

Some men have small white or yellow bumps along the penis shaft and/or on the head called Fordyce spots. They’re oil glands that produce oil to lubricate the skin, and they are harmless. Fordyce spots can’t be spread, their cause is known and there is no treatment besides surgery.

Surgery isn’t recommended for Fordyce spots because, as with pearly penile papules, these bumps pose no risks. Procedures to surgically remove these bumps are not always successful, and sometimes they result in scarring. Men should consider whether it’s worth the risk.


Acne on the penis? Yes, it can happen. As with skin on other parts of the body, penis skin contains pores, and each pore contains an oil gland; when a gland produces too much oil, it clogs the pore, trapping dirt, skin cells and bacteria. The result is a pimple.

Pimples range in size and typically have a white or black head. They tend to be sore, and the bump itself along with the surrounding area might be red. Men may find it particularly painful if the pimple rubs up against clothing.

Though unpleasant, the occasional pimple on the penis isn’t any major cause for concern. If penile acne is constant, men should consider talking with a doctor about potential treatments or prevention methods. Traditional treatment for acne involves salicylic acid, but this might be too harsh for the delicate penis skin.

It should be noted that herpes can be mistaken for pimples. Therefore, if there is absolutely any doubt as to what a man is seeing, he should get checked out.

While most people think it wise to pop pimples, squeezing can actually drive the infection deeper into the skin. Difficult as it may be, men are advised to let pimples heal on their own. Avoid masturbating or sex while the pimple is present to prevent friction on it.

Overall Skin Health

Men with normal skin variations shouldn’t be concerned or self-conscious about their members. What’s important is the health of the tool. While the types of bumps above are nothing to fret about, it’s good to mind the overall condition of the skin. Sometimes, the skin can grow dry and develop cracks. Using a quality penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) with Shea butter and vitamin E can be helpful in this area. Keeping the skin smooth and hydrated will reap benefits, whether the penis has bumps or not.

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