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40 Days & 1001 Nights

40 Days & 1001 Nights is a multifold project in which Tamalyn Dallal traveled to five predominantly Islamic countries and lived in each one for forty days. She sought to dig beneath simplified stereotypes, i.e. terrorists and women stuggling to remove their veils.

Ms. Dallal looked into the lives of every day people, finding vestiges of ancient cultures, the ups and down of globalization, music, dance, delicious food, and more. She wrote a book, made a musical documentary film, produced a music CD, and dance performance, available on DVD. Ten percent of the proceeds from the book and DVDs go to the 1001 Nights Fund.

1001 Nights Fund

Click here to read where the funds have gone so far

Ten percent of the proceeds from each book and DVD sale, plus voluntary donations go into this fund, helping support grass roots organizations and arts groups in each country Ms. Dallal visited.

The fund delivers direct support, aimed at accessing what each group needs to continue their mission, be it instruments, equipment, creative projects, or creating networks and promotional materials. This money does not get lost in administrative costs and is pesonally monitored by Ms. Dallal to make sure it only buys what will empower the people without fostering dependancy.