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1001 Nights Fund - Where the funds have gone so far…

March, 2008$500   has been pledged to help the local (Buddhist) monks attain the neccesary $10,000 to build a school in a Burmese refugee camp on the border with Thailand.
$500   to "Participate Now", a project that helps Zanzibari women who are living with AIDS. To learn more about this project, write to Katryn Sutton.
$500   to "School Angels" toward building a school for Burmese refugee children along the border with Thailand . To donate learn more about this project, write to Thomas Belucci.
January, 2008 (Stepping outside the Muslim realm)$200   was sent to help the Tairona native people of the Sierra Santa marta mountains of Colombia buy back native lands. They beleive that their traditional ceremonies are in a special place and that they help assure the survival of mankind. www.tairona.org.
December, 2007$500   paid for a young mans scholarship to college in Mombasa, Kenya through the SAAS African students fund.
$200   was donated to the Global Peace Network that helps street children in Tanzania. (Partially donated by Sharon Kihara Dance Performance in Seattle)
$500   was donated to Omid E Mehr a program that helps young Iranian women at risk. (Donated by Bozenkas Bellydance Academy)
November, 2007$250   bought two large boxes of Indonesian language books for children in outlying areas of Aceh, Indonesia through the FBA. (Donated by dance performance with Sharon Kihara and many more Tribal dancers in Seattle)
September, 2007$55   was used to provide Narcotics Anonymous booklets and information to help people who are starting 12 step groups in Tanzania
July, 2007$1000   bought the following instruments for the Ikhwani Safaa Musical Club of Zanzibar: Oud, two flutes, two violins, one tabla, one riqq, plus renovations to the club house, and the following instruments to musicians who did not have their own: two flutes and a violin (Donated by Luka Dziubyna)
$260   scholarship for (name withheld) to attend computer school to learn website design in Zanzibar
$200   for small necessities for the MEWA Drug Rehabilitation Center in Kisauni, Kenya (Donated by Dr. Annette Toledano, Miami, Fl.)
$250   paid for rehabilitation after care for one drug addict (name withheld) in Kisaouni, Kenya through MEWA.
January, 2007$200   to Kamileh’s Breast Cancer Fund (Egypt).