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  The Book
40 Days & 1001 Nights, One Woman's Dance Through Life in the Islamic World

Tamalyn Dallal, Melati Press, 300 pages

$19.95 + shipping
Book Summary
Readers will be surprised, delighted, and sometimes shocked at the fascinating web of true life tales told by the 21st century Scheherezade. She finds herself in the tsunami ravaged city of Banda Aceh, Indonesia, then ventures deep into the Egyptian Sahara to the Siwa Oasis, where donkey carts are the main form of transport. She follows a beautiful song to Zanzibar where sun and surf crash against a tumultuous past. Next, she lands in Jordan, a peaceful kingdom and haven for refugees from strife torn lands, then finally spends forty days in China's predominately Muslim Xinjiang Autonomous Region.
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  The Music
40 Days and 1001 Nights, Bellydance Music for Tamalyn Dallal by the Ikhwani Safaa Musical Club of Zanzibar

55 minutes

$20 + shipping
Tamalyn Dallal produced this CD in Zanzibar. Founded in 1905, Ikhwani Safaa is Africa's oldest band. In the beginning, the Sultan sent musicians to Egypt to study and they came back playing classical Arabic music, which was later inspired by Egypt's Golden Age and Ottoman influences. This disc features two bashrafs (instrumentals) and several taarab pieces (poetic love songs) that were adapted for Oriental dance. The artists use entirely acoustic instruments, and the performances possess such complexity and depth that they become more fascinating with each listen.
  The Film

40 Days and 1001 Nights was shown at the Amani (Peace) Film Festival in Kigali, Rwanda in July, 2007, along with excerpts from the dance concert.  Both received an enthustiastic response from the audience and the organizers.
40 Days and 1001 Nights, Seeing the Islamic World Through the Eyes of a Dancer

Available on DVD, 1 hour 45 minutes

$50 + shipping
This subtitled documentary is a sensory feast of sights, sounds, music and dance. There are examples of rarely seen and some never before filmed dances. Each section uses the local music and has a completely different feel. Indonesia explodes with vibrant colors and the Acehnise ethnic rock sounds of local superstar Rafly. Egypt's Siwa Oasis features a rare glimpse of music and dance in the completely separate worlds of women and men. Zanzibar is splendid with rich musical traditions, village weddings, and fishing from wooden dhows. Jordan excites viewers with acrobatic dances and ruins from the Roman and Nabathean times. Lastly, the Xinjiang Autonomous Region of China portrays images of the ancient Silk Road fast forwarded to modern times.

  Dance Concert DVD
40 Days and 1001 Nights, Dancing across the Lines

1 hour 45 minutes

$45 + shipping
Dancing Across the Lines is a long distance collaboration in which Tamalyn Dallal sent music and costumes from each country she visited to dancers in New York, Buenos Aires, and Miami. In January, 2007, she returned to Miami Beach, gathered the dancers together and produced this sold out theatrical dance concert, featuring reknown dancers: Amar Gamal, Bozenka, Kaeshi, Elisheva, Bellyqueen, Hanan, Montserrat, Francesca, Poppers Hypno and Tiny Love, and Tamalyn Dallal. Copies of this DVD were sent to the groups whose music they danced to, to show how their music was interpreted and appreciated by dancers in the U.S.

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